På kant med Imperiet

Session 0 or how the spacelanes learned to fear the Taym Peelo's Pirate crew

All your base are belong to us (or all dat base)

Krims krams and white overalls

After being knocked unconscious our future heroes(?) awaken, each in their own individual cell. Failing miserable to escape by trying to force himself through the bars in his cell, Overlord Taym tells his future minions to wait for the fire fight they can hear to come to an end. And lo and behold, the grand leader of the future pirate venture is wise in his assessment, as the cell doors open shortly after the sound of blaster fire comes to an end.

Searching the facility Taym’s crew (Lannis and Draxan) together with some up to no good smuggler riff raff, easily overcome what remains of personnel on the base.

Picking the sleekest and bestest ship in the hangar, our pirate emergents spend weeks on the asteroid base setting things in order and fixing up the Wretched Sparrow.

Mission: critical success!

Going through the computer Taym finds the coordinates to X4, a stopover on a minor hyperspace lane – and a notification telling him there’s loot about to appear.

Draxan, Lannis and Super Over Captain and Lord of the Asteroid belt Taym sets forth and – by way of X3 (and a double check of X3) arrives at X4 three days later. Just in time to find a nice asteroid to hide behind and wait for the coming loot.

A nameless container ship appears out of hyperspace and Taym accelerates the Sparrow towards it while Lannis fires a well aimed salvo at the engines, disabling one. Draxan meanwhile uses his stern voice to tell the container ship to power down and prepare to be boarded.

While they did comply, they also had security droids. Draxan and Lannis received much needed help from Taym as he lay down an ridiculous amount of cover fire, so the fighters could end the droids existence swiftly.

Realising that the ship is immensely much more spacious than their lethal HWK-290, they decide to disconnect the container – that is after they realise the remaining engine is about to go critical. Leaving the panicked engineers to try to fix the overloading power generator, Taym and company pick up the container just in time to avoid the exploding transport.

A hideout no. 2

Moving the most valuable of the goods over to the Wretched Sparrow_ or as much of it as they can fit, they hide the container in an asteroid belt as a future hideout, stakeout and stash place.

They return triumphantly to their (main) base, no sign of the smuggling riff raff, in need of finding the medbay… as Draxan received some serious injuries.


vegard_eldoen GMLovlie

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