På kant med Imperiet

Session 1 or how the Taym Peelo saved the day, and then got saved by his crew

All your base is filled with cannibals

Krimskrams and peddling stolen goods

After discussing loudly, erraticly, and a bit violently (Lannis Thall may have shot Taym Peelo a little bit) the crew charted out a trip to the nearest place where they could sell their contraband.
And were subsequently attacked , by pirates – how rude. The pirates didn’t last long but the ship took heavy damage.

Luckily their goal; a stranded star destroyer stuck on a moon in the middle of nowhere had several well stocked garages. Entry, docking and repair fees were negotiated before the crew each went their seperate ways. Too many days stuck together in the cramped hull of the ship had frayed some nerves.

Deals were made, drinks were bought, bartenders were flirted with and conquered.
Thall made contact with a manager of bounties and left with promises of potential future jobs.

Mission: Almost a Complete Clusterfuck

Departing the docks the crew of the ship headed for the stars to intercept a transport ship.
After finding the location where they knew the transport would have to stop to make hyperjump calibrations the crew sat down to wait.

And wait.

And wait …

Some sleepcykles after Daxan had won the six hundred and three thousandth “astroid, Tie, x-wing” and Lannis had punched a hole in the wall in disgust the transport appered on the scanners.

First everything went as well as expected; Lannis forgot to strap into the turret properly, but it was ok because Taym was flying uside down for some reason … The stormed the ship like a Manalorian out of a sarlac pit and shouted ever threat they could come up with on the coms while blasting away at the engines in a hail of laser and confusion. And for some reason that seemed to work fine …

Then they boarded their prey and everything went to bantha poop.
The ship obviously had mercenaries and well … You know what? lets’s not talk about it!

When the dust had settled the ship and it’s cargo was theirs … and Taym was more insufferable than ever.

Quickly new coordintes were set, crew was kicked into escape pods, Taym flew ahed to set up a randevous point – got shouted at by our employer for trying to move the stole ship right up on their doorstep, gestures were made, credits were shared. The crew got out of dodge and went home.

And then …

As they made glorious return to their shared asteroid base, they out of sheer pragmatic paranoia made another scan for hidden surprises on the spacerock.
Only a skidmark was found, the size of which only Tayms mom could have left. Or a spaceship.
Inside the base they saw a new ship parked on the landing pad, and obviously in a hurry: the ship was crashed into a corner with broken metal and scrapes along the landing pad and it’s hull.
A brief inspection of the area found a new door where there used to be a wall, and a staircase leading down.

In the newfound part of the base, a derelict and scavenged place, there were sounds of people shouting and moving about. They came across a new crew occupying what was had been a medical wing once, although everything of value and use had been taken a long time ago.
The leader of the new crew didn’t seemed bothered by new faces on the base, and after a brief talk about the previous occupants and a verbal agreement to leave each other alone and maybe work together in the future they went back to their wounded. They had obviously taken some heavy losses on their last job. Daxam also tried to charm sombody, but maybe they didn’t like wavy hair …

After that all was quiet, not much happened really …
Except for when the infected crewmembers in the medical wing ended up infecting the rest of the crew and then attacked Daxam, Lannis and Taym, which resulted in Taym (of course) getting infected and going a little bit mad with fear, so the crew had to haul his crazy infected ass back to Untan Trading, he was of course smoking deathsticks and doing all of his drugs the entire trip, shouting and singing the whole time.
So, nothing special.


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