Taym "Lord of the Asteroids" Peelo

Xexto pilot extraordinaire


Taym is a gunslinging pilot and starship aficionado, a daring and some would say risk seeking hotshot of a pilot. SWA25-Xexto-Taym-ish.jpg

Taym is a pale green Xexto, who wears a dark blue padded armour/flight suit. He’s armed with two modified Model 53 Quicktrigger blasters, he also carries a toolkit, reloads, a datapad and other sundry items useful for repairing and piloting his ship, and personal recreation.

He comes across as somewhat twitchy and sometimes a bit unstable. His priorities are clear, but not always consistent.

Whereas his love of ships is obvious, Taym also likes to tinker with and modify weapons, gear and other mechanical and technological thingamajigs. This is perhaps the only other rivalling priority aside from enhancers and piloting. So much so in fact, that he will sometimes ignore enhancers, ignore his starship, just so he can get new tech for, in no particular order: his staship, his weapons, his armour, his allies, his base, just for the sake of it.


Taym hails from Troiken and at one time he was part of a rudimentary (and mostly unnecessary/powerless) defensive force of the planet. Craving higher risks, and to avoid uncomfortable questions regarding his use of enhancers, Taym joined up with a pirate crew near the Corellian sector.

While enjoying his role as co-pilot and sometimes pilot, Taym feared this pirate crew would be short lived. Deciding to leave while the going was good (relatively at least) Taym stole some gear and left the crew while refuelling on Nar Shaddaa.

A few days later as he was walking through some back alley, just having resupplied his stock of enhancers, Taym suddenly blacked out…

Taym "Lord of the Asteroids" Peelo

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